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The easiest way to bake at home

Nothing in life is quite
as welcoming as the sweet
smell of a home-baked cake.
Especially when it's made with
top notch ingredients like free-
range eggs, proper patisserie
flour and real butter.

Meet Victoria the cake maker

Feast your eyes on our scrumptious cakes…

Whatever the mood, we have the cake to
suit. Will it be our zingy and uplifting
Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake? Or maybe our Scrumptious Chocolate Cake with a dollop of cream.

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Learn some tricks with Victoria’s Top Tips

Our cakes really are easy-peasy to make, but for those of you who fancy making them extra-special, we have a few little hints from our Victoria.

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Where to find our delicious cakes

In the mood for something sweet? Want to get your hands on a delicious Half-Baked Cake so you can create something special in your kitchen? This way to the store finder and baking glory…

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